Tips To Follow When Facing Drug Court – DUI Court

drug court

Facing drug court is very serious. Having a conviction regarding such a serious matter can greatly affect your ability to obtain housing, employment and even government benefits. Use the tips that follow to get the best possible outcome with your case.

If you are facing any type of drug charge the first thing that you should do is obtain legal representation. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, but the costs that will come with having a conviction will result in much higher expenses through your life. A good lawyer knows the law and will have the experience to help you to either have the charges dropped or at least reduced so that they do not have as severe of an impact on your life.

You will want to remain silent in court unless otherwise advised by your lawyer. If you have not yet obtained a lawyer you should only enter your plea of not guilty. Do not answer any questions from cops or the prosecution. Anything that you say can be spun to benefit their case against you. It is also important to not make any statement on the phone with friends or relatives if you are being detained. All conversations are legally recorded when you are detained.

Finally, be sure to stay away from any situation that could lead to more charges. If you have been let out on bail you can face more charges if you have contact with police which will greatly hinder your case. In short, make responsible decisions at all times.

Use the above tips to help yourself to possibly get the charges dropped. These type of charges are very serious. It is imperative that you behave in a way that reflects that you fully understand just how serious your situation really is.

What To Expect At DUI Court

Getting a DUI can be scary and you are probably worried that you are not going to be able to drive anymore. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility and you have to act fast once you are charged with a DUI. Your best bet is to retain a DUI attorney because navigating the DUI court process is difficult and time consuming. Without legal help, you might find yourself with a suspended license and jail time.

Getting charged with a DUI is serious and you could be facing big fines, jail time, or a suspended or revoked license. You will have to appear in court a few times and if you don’t know what the legal process is like, you are not going to be able to adequately defend yourself. You need a lawyer to defend you and preserve your rights.

During your first court appearance you are going to have to enter a plea. You might also need to post a bond or bail to be released. You will then need to go back to court in a few months. In the interim, you may be assigned alcohol counseling or traffic school that you have to complete to reduce the charges.

When you work with a lawyer, you have an advantage because the lawyer is going to work hard to get your charges reduced so you don’t lose your license or have to go to jail. If you try to represent yourself and make a mistake, you could find that the mistake is going to be very costly and could end in not being able to drive anymore. You could end up losing your job because you can’t get to work. You don’t want to let this happen, so make sure to retain at DUI lawyer if you are charged.