Services Offered By A Family Law Attorney

divorce attorney gavelFamily law is a branch of law that covers family matters and domestic relations such as marriage, divorce, child visitation and support, property settlement, child abduction, child abuse, adoption and many more. Family law is sometimes known as matrimonial law. In some states, family law courts are usually the most crowded because of the huge amounts of cases categorized in this field. For example, divorce attorneys in a particular county are used to the crowded courtrooms and know how to best  navigate them.

An attorney who deals with family or matrimonial law cases is known as a family law attorney. The main types of cases handled by a typical family law attorney are divorce and legal separations.

When handling these cases, the attorney usually works on issues like setting visitation rights, settling child custody issues, advocating the amount of cash to be paid in child support and alimony, dividing marital property and many more. In separation and divorce cases, each party hires their own family law attorney. The attorney deliberate with the aim of reaching a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case is taken to court for a judge to give the final orders in regards to the issues being deliberated.

A family law attorney also deals with adoption matters. The attorney comes in to take a couple through the steps of adoption. Adoption is a complex process that involves various legal procedures that are meant to facilitate the safe admission of a child into the custody of new parents or guardians. Some of the issues that may arise in adoption proceedings include disputes with birth parents, protection of child welfare and rights and many other.

Last but not least, a family law attorney also helps clients to draft legally binding agreements such as prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, domestic contracts, trust fund documents and many others. Other family matters that the attorney can help with include issues relating to juvenile law and domestic violence.