Crucial Areas Of Denver Real Estate Law You Need To Know

When it comes to real estate, Denver is very dynamic due to its location as the economic and regional center for Colorado state. It also has a mass of statutes of everything; from zoning, disclosure, and contract laws, to name a few. For these reasons, real estate law in Denver may seem to be very broad and complicated. This is not intended to be legal advice. There are real estate lawyers in Denver available to contact for legal advice. Whether you own a business location or are leasing one, you will most likely have a property law issue at some point. Below is a guide to discuss some of the crucial areas of real estate law for Denver businesses.

Denver commercial buildings

Disclosure Laws

When planning to rent a business space, you need to know all that you will be getting into. An example of this is to know whether there are some toxic substances in the area you want to rent, such as asbestos or lead paint. You also need to know if the building has any energy usage restrictions and accessibility inspections you should know of. A lot of the time, we make decisions on things but fail to ask questions on what we do not see. It is therefore advised to know all the information upfront since disclosure laws vary from state to state. A business attorney will help you to review the different areas and advise you on the factors to consider once you are ready to lease or buy a space.

Landlord/Tenant Laws

Landlord/tenant laws will protect the rights of both sides who have entered into a lease agreement. There are many areas included in these laws, such as payment of rental fees, taxation, right to privacy, and the right to terminate contracts. As a business owner in Denver, you need to comply with all these laws to prevent violations. It is best to hire an attorney based in Denver to advise you on all the rental and leasing issues ensuring that you are protecting your assets.

Zoning And Land-Use Laws

The choice of your real estate will significantly affect your business. Commercial real estate is divided into retail, restaurant, office buildings, multifamily, and more. All of these properties are subject to Colorado state zoning and land use regulations. These laws determine how taxation will be done and how a property should be used. You may also need to apply for rezoning to the local board, although this may not mean that your application will be accepted since there may be many competitors. With the help of an attorney, you can be able to understand these real estate laws to make the perfect selection for you.

Handling a real estate legal problem can be quite daunting. With all the changes concerning property rights and the changing nature of real estate laws in Denver, it is prudent to hire a competent lawyer who is well conversant with the laws of this area. With the above crucial areas of real estate laws, all businesses should ensure that they have the best counsel and understand all the Denver real estate laws, to avoid the loss of their rental or leasing space.

Services Offered By A Family Law Attorney

divorce attorney gavelFamily law is a branch of law that covers family matters and domestic relations such as marriage, divorce, child visitation and support, property settlement, child abduction, child abuse, adoption and many more. Family law is sometimes known as matrimonial law. In some states, family law courts are usually the most crowded because of the huge amounts of cases categorized in this field. For example, divorce attorneys in a particular county are used to the crowded courtrooms and know how to best  navigate them.

An attorney who deals with family or matrimonial law cases is known as a family law attorney. The main types of cases handled by a typical family law attorney are divorce and legal separations.

When handling these cases, the attorney usually works on issues like setting visitation rights, settling child custody issues, advocating the amount of cash to be paid in child support and alimony, dividing marital property and many more. In separation and divorce cases, each party hires their own family law attorney. The attorney deliberate with the aim of reaching a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case is taken to court for a judge to give the final orders in regards to the issues being deliberated.

A family law attorney also deals with adoption matters. The attorney comes in to take a couple through the steps of adoption. Adoption is a complex process that involves various legal procedures that are meant to facilitate the safe admission of a child into the custody of new parents or guardians. Some of the issues that may arise in adoption proceedings include disputes with birth parents, protection of child welfare and rights and many other.

Last but not least, a family law attorney also helps clients to draft legally binding agreements such as prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, domestic contracts, trust fund documents and many others. Other family matters that the attorney can help with include issues relating to juvenile law and domestic violence.

Tips To Follow When Facing Drug Court – DUI Court

drug court

Facing drug court is very serious. Having a conviction regarding such a serious matter can greatly affect your ability to obtain housing, employment and even government benefits. Use the tips that follow to get the best possible outcome with your case.

If you are facing any type of drug charge the first thing that you should do is obtain legal representation. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, but the costs that will come with having a conviction will result in much higher expenses through your life. A good lawyer knows the law and will have the experience to help you to either have the charges dropped or at least reduced so that they do not have as severe of an impact on your life.

You will want to remain silent in court unless otherwise advised by your lawyer. If you have not yet obtained a lawyer you should only enter your plea of not guilty. Do not answer any questions from cops or the prosecution. Anything that you say can be spun to benefit their case against you. It is also important to not make any statement on the phone with friends or relatives if you are being detained. All conversations are legally recorded when you are detained.

Finally, be sure to stay away from any situation that could lead to more charges. If you have been let out on bail you can face more charges if you have contact with police which will greatly hinder your case. In short, make responsible decisions at all times.

Use the above tips to help yourself to possibly get the charges dropped. These type of charges are very serious. It is imperative that you behave in a way that reflects that you fully understand just how serious your situation really is.

What To Expect At DUI Court

Getting a DUI can be scary and you are probably worried that you are not going to be able to drive anymore. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility and you have to act fast once you are charged with a DUI. Your best bet is to retain a DUI attorney because navigating the DUI court process is difficult and time consuming. Without legal help, you might find yourself with a suspended license and jail time.

Getting charged with a DUI is serious and you could be facing big fines, jail time, or a suspended or revoked license. You will have to appear in court a few times and if you don’t know what the legal process is like, you are not going to be able to adequately defend yourself. You need a lawyer to defend you and preserve your rights.

During your first court appearance you are going to have to enter a plea. You might also need to post a bond or bail to be released. You will then need to go back to court in a few months. In the interim, you may be assigned alcohol counseling or traffic school that you have to complete to reduce the charges.

When you work with a lawyer, you have an advantage because the lawyer is going to work hard to get your charges reduced so you don’t lose your license or have to go to jail. If you try to represent yourself and make a mistake, you could find that the mistake is going to be very costly and could end in not being able to drive anymore. You could end up losing your job because you can’t get to work. You don’t want to let this happen, so make sure to retain at DUI lawyer if you are charged.


Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Set up Your Business

business law books

If you want to start a business, you have many things to consider from the type of business you want to the best way to get financing. However, one of the most important decisions you can make is about your business structure.

While there are many different kits and programs available to allow you to form a business online, it’s always best to hire a lawyer to establish your business. A lawyer will not just help you set up your business’ legal status, they can also advise you on which status is best for your company.

Many people start out in business as a sole proprietor. However, many do not realize that unless they are using their own name for the business, they may need to register their business name. A lawyer can help a person set up their business so that they are following the rules of their state.

If you decide to take on a partner, you’ll need a partnership agreement that outlines the terms of the partnership. What percentage of the business is owned by each partner? What happens if one of the partner’s dies? What if one of the partners want to sell? A lawyer can help set the partnership up so that it fits the needs of those involved.

Should you set up a Corporation? If you do should it be a standard C-Corporation or an S-corporation? What’s the difference? A lawyer can explain the tax benefit of both types and determine which one is best for your business. They can also explain your legal responsibilities as the owner of a corporation.

What about an LLC? The rules of LLCs vary from state to state. A local lawyer can explain the benefits of forming an LLC. They can tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of business structure.

Top 4 Foreclosure Mistakes

foreclosure signForeclosure is every homeowner’s nightmare and many homeowners are experiencing this nightmare first hand. Recent studies indicated that approximately 50% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and 43% spend more than they make each year. An unexpected job loss or health crisis can easily put many of these responsible homeowners over the edge and into foreclosure.

If you are facing foreclosure or have already been served a foreclosure notice, you should know that one mistake can cost you your home. Here are 4 of the most common foreclosure mistakes to look for and avoid.

1. Not Filing a Response

The first mistake that people often make in foreclosure cases is not filing a response to a lawsuit. Changes to Florida’s foreclosure law have basically expedited the process that a lender has to follow to prosecute a foreclosure action.

The law essentially shifts the burden of proof to the homeowner by requiring that you file an answer to the lawsuit in a very short time period of 20 – 45 days. If you fail to do so, the law allows the court to enter a final judgment of foreclosure against you.

2. Filing an Answer Rather Than a Motion to Dismiss

The second mistake that people often make is that rather than filing a motion to dismiss, they file an answer to the lawsuit. A motion to dismiss attacks the lawsuit itself on the basis that it either lacks merit or was filed improperly.

“An answer is when you accept the lawsuit as being valid and either accept or deny its claims. If you file an answer instead of a motion to dismiss, you may waive certain rights or opportunities to gain an advantage over the other side.”

3. Failing to Respond to a Summary Judgment

The third mistake that people often make in foreclosure cases is failing to file a response to a summary judgment. A summary judgment is essentially a trial by paper, where both sides file paperwork and then the court makes a decision based on the paperwork that has been filed. If you don’t file any paperwork, you won’t have any defense in the summary judgment and will have no chance to win the case.

4. Not Having Your Paperwork Reviewed by an Experienced Foreclosure Attorney

In the previous decade, lender foreclosure fraud was rampant. Many home loans were bought and sold on Wall Street. Furthermore, it has been reported that banks and mortgage lenders were hiring anyone the could find, including hair stylists and shoe salesmen, as foreclosure “experts” to handle the mounting backlog of foreclosures that were racking up.

These inexperienced foreclosure workers fraudulently signed thousands of foreclosure documents per day and the damage is still being sorted out. So in many foreclosures today, it is not always clear who owns the mortgage.

Because of this fraud and insufficient record keeping, an experienced foreclosure attorney should be hired to determine if the bank truly has the right to foreclose on your home.

Consult With an Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney

These concepts can be difficult for homeowners to understand. However, foreclosure attorneys deal with these issues every day. So if you have any questions regarding a foreclosure case in which you are involved, call an experienced foreclosure attorney to receive the answers you need.

What You Need To Know About Foreclosure Law

home in foreclosureForeclosure law will differ on a state-to-state basis. The foreclosure laws in each state will vary in the degree of their strictness; some states are extremely specific when it comes to the acceptable procedures for foreclosing on and disposing of real estate, while others are much more flexible.

But most states do look to the details of the mortgage documents on a property as the foundation for their foreclosure law. The terms to which the borrower and lender agreed in the mortgage documents are binding, and they will almost always dictate the legal or extra-legal options which are to each party during the foreclosure proceedings.

When You Want To Invest In Foreclosures

The foreclosure law in a given state can also have a great impact on a prospective buyer’s ability to purchase foreclosed real estate as an investment. Tens of thousands of people have mastered the art of buying foreclosed homes and selling them in a short time for a fast profit. Should you be thinking about joining them, make sure I n advance that the foreclosure law in the states where the properties are located contains no stipulations which would interfere with your plans.

“Whenever dealing with foreclosures, it is important to consult a real estate lawyer in your state to ensure that the transaction goes through without any liability on your part.”

Be especially careful about foreclosure law as it pertains to encumbered properties; there are states which allow the home’s owner a grace period in which to clear any liens against his property and in doing so retain title. If you should purchase an encumbered property and the owner does manage to clear the liens, you could find yourself with nothing.

Hire A Professional Foreclosure Law Researcher

If you have decided to pursue foreclosure properties in some states, your safest alternative is to find a legal firm to research the foreclosure law in each of them. Trying to pore over the real property statutes in some states will not just consume a tremendous amount of time; it can leave you confused about the subtle differences in foreclosure law from state to state. It’s much better to have a legal professional familiar with property law examine the state codes for you, and be ready to advise you when you are ready to make your purchases.

You would be much better served by spending your time researching foreclosure lists than by researching foreclosure laws. First, find the promising properties, and when you have some them, give your selections to your legal professional so that he or she can begin researching the pertinent state foreclosure laws. Having the research done for you will cost something, but if it saves you from a serious blunder and allows you to buy only those properties on which you can profit, it will be money well spent.

There was a time when you thought, and your banker agreed, that you were a great bet to handle monthly payments on a mortgage for twenty or thirty years. You had that confidence once, and you can recover it. And when you do, you may find yourself surveying the foreclosures market to save money while putting yourself in your home once again!

7 Tips for Choosing a Las Vegas Family Law Attorney

family and divorce lawLocating a Family Law Attorney in Las Vegas  amidst a divorce is an important and crucial decision that must be made with great thought and research. Make sure you find someone with plenty of experience. Your divorce attorney will set the tone for how things will proceed. It is important that you feel comfortable with your selection.

A good attorney will help you navigate through complicated situations and will help direct how the next step in your lives will be carried out. That is why it is important to select an attorney that you feel you can trust to be accurate and fair. If you have any close family or friends that have gone through a divorce it is possible that they may have a good referral for you. However, there are other ways of locating a great Las Vegas Divorce Attorney, if you prefer not to ask your friends.

Keep these 7 tips in mind

1. Do thorough research. Begin your search online. Start by creating a list of Las Vegas Divorce attorneys, and then narrow down your selections. Choose lawyers who most closely specialize in what you are looking for.

2. Do some online research into the background and experience of the attorneys that you have selected. Have they had any credibility issues in the past? Do they seem to be all about money and not interested in the personal welfare of their clients? Make sure to look for these types of common red flags.

3. Obtain a free consultation if the Family Law Attorney advertises one. This will give you the opportunity to ask important questions, obtain pertinent information, and get a feel for the attorney’s personality.

4. Take into consideration how much the services will cost in the long run. Do your research and get the best lawyer your money can buy and feel confident that the rest of the legal aspects will be taken care of. Remember that more experienced lawyers tend to charge more.

5. Choose a Child Custody attorney who you feel comfortable with. If you feel like something is not right, then you probably should follow your gut instinct and find someone else. Remember, this is someone that you are going to share a great deal of personal information with.

6. Find an attorney who is in a good location. You do not need the inconvenience of traveling to someone that’s not easily accessible to you. If the attorney’s office is too far away, you may not achieve the relationship you need to have as the attorney is dealing with your case and it will turn into an inconvenience for you.

7. Find out how accessible your Child Custody Attorney is. Attorneys are very busy and your case is not the only one they are handling. However, the attorney you hire needs to have some sort of scheduled accessibility for you. Everything cannot always be handled through email or voicemail. Make sure your attorney has the capacity to pay proper attention to your needs.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Hiring Tips

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you have never had any dealings with the criminal justice system. Lawyers are taught to be convincing and unfortunately, some lawyers are corrupt. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is especially frustrating because not only is it expensive, but your freedom is at stake.

Criminal Defense Attorney Hiring Tips

Here are criminal defense lawyer hiring tips that might help you.

Experience: Make sure that the lawyer you are hiring has extensive criminal law experience, including trial experience. Years of experience working on criminal cases is not the same as courtroom experience defending people with charges similar to yours. It’s always important to hire an attorney that specializes in your charges. An attorney without experience has very little chances of winning a case.

Trust your feelings: It’s always important to hire an attorney that you feel comfortable with and have confidence in. You need to hire someone that will act as your advisor, explaining your options and allowing you to choose. If your attorney makes you uncomfortable or forces you into making a decision, find someone else. Ask the prospective attorney questions that will help you the kind of person that they are. Questions such as what made them decide to be a criminal defense lawyer?

Check references: A good attorney will have a reputation to match. Ask your friends and loved ones which lawyers they recommend. Even the most reputable attorneys have a few unhappy clients, but you want a lawyer with more good recommendations than bad. The best lawyer is always preceded by his/her reputation.

Look for an ethical criminal defense lawyer: If you meet with a lawyer and they start telling you things like “the prosecutor and I are best friends” or “I play tennis with the judge” be wary. Statements like these usually have some hidden meanings. They usually mean that they have the power to make the prosecutor or judge do something that they are not supposed to do. If you meet such a lawyer, you should consider if his/her loyalties will be to you or to maintaining the relationship that he/she claims to have with the prosecutor or judge.

Get a written contract: It’s always wise to insist on having a written contract. Make sure that your agreement addresses the money you will have to pay down and the total amount that your case is going to cost you. Many times clients will pay lawyers all the money they have and after the preliminary hearing, the lawyer will tell them if they do not receive more money they are getting off the case. Make sure that your agreement addresses this issue properly. It’s also important to get a receipt or pay with a check.

Finding the best criminal defense attorney may be the most important decision you will make during the course of your criminal case. Make sure that you hire a lawyer with experience, courtroom expertise and has a good record of winning cases that are similar to yours. Do not trust your case to anyone; hire a criminal lawyer that possesses the right qualities to represent you.